all about me

welcome to Biotown!

i'm just a small town girl, living in a lonely world who doesn't really like Journey that much.  i work in music PR for Modern Vintage Records/The Outlet, based out of Cutting Room Studios.

i'm originally from Binghamton, N.Y. the carousel capital of the world.  this town was recently (un)likened to Port Authority, which it is, just without as much cultural diversity or as many food options. it was also named the fifth most depressing city in the country by Business Insider.  it does have it's highlights though, most notably the Binghamton Mets, which started my obsession with baseball and is why i became a Yankees fan.  i ended up working and interning in the ticket office here, as well as made fun of Scott Stapp and local commercials on the radio during the dull moments.

i attended Seton Hall University in South Orange, N.J., a quaint village between crime ridden Newark and yuppie Maplewood.  here i majored in Public Relations, with minors in avoiding cafeteria food and dramatic endings to intramural softball.  i also got into metal music here at top ten radio station WSOU: the loudest rock! the following summer home was a terrifying one for my parents. i interned at Sirius and the Ability Project, as well as worked at the SHU Sports Information department, helping the game day operations of our abysmal basketball team and other more successful/not as well known SHU athletics.

from there i moved to Astoria, and promptly left for Upper East Side of Manhattan after getting bedbugs way before everyone else did.  knowing about bed bugs before everyone else did cultivated my love for hipster music, but not culture, with the exception of my (ab)use of "abbrevs" in everyday conversation.

i love music, comedy, writing, reading, any form of art, baseball, my family, weddings shows, anywhere with a waterfront, roadtrips with friends and loud music and the windows rolled down, the WWE, puns, pictures, doing other people's hair and make up, horoscopes, karaoke, the E * TRADE baby, tattoos, New York City, shoes, dogs, pretending i can dance, trashy magazines, snail mail, lucky pennies, and flowers.

i'm not a fan of the Red Sox, closemindedness, justin bieber (sorry all of my cousins under 16), Manny Ramirez, the Twighlight series,  not New York City, feet, when people read over my shoulder, shoes without socks, when people use the word literally in non-literal situations, when people assume my name is Katherine, dogs that could be mistaken for rats, banana flavored anything, and the mere existence of scrunchies.